Belt Testing/Rank Advancements, May 14th Don’t Forget to Mark your Calendar



Karate testing will be at Summerbrook Church on Saturday (May 14th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.)  The students are tested on how well they do their form, kicks, hand techniques, self-defense techniques, sparring, weapons, and board breaking.  Students should wear their uniform top and pants.  The T-shirt under the top should be white.   If your child has a blue stripe on their belt, then I’ve looked at everything they’re required to know to test and they are ready. Ultimately, you have the final say of whether they test for their next belt.

Keep in mind though that if you do decide to hold them back it sometimes has a negative effect on their progress. I take into account that the children are nervous at testing, their age, attitude and level of effort. I also take into account everything that they’ve been doing the last few weeks.

The cost for the testing is $60.00. Please make the checks out to KICKS Academy. Even if you’re not testing you’re welcome to watch others test.

At that the end of testing we will hand out the new belts! FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please bring a pass around dish. The dish should be able to feed 6 people.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday May 14th!

Remember that your children can test early on Tuesday the 10th or Monday the 16th before I send in the results.

Any questions feel free to ask questions, email or call me

Mr. Murphy