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The 3 Oath’s we use for each class

When bowing in and out of a Taekwondo class or event the students say an oath promising to do their best and perform to the best of their ability.

Here are the oaths for each age group.

The Adult Student Oath is the official bow in / out oath at ATA events, and is worthwhile for all students to memorize

Sir / Ma’am!
I promise to be a good person.
Having knowledge in my mind,
Honesty in my heart,
Strength in my body,
And to make good friends
Sir / Ma’am!

Sir / Ma’am!
Each day I will live by
Honoring my parents and instructors,
Practicing to the best of my ability,
And having courtesy and respect for everyone I meet.
Sir / Ma’am!


At the beginning of each event the oath is as follows:
“Sir/Ma’am, I will practice in the spirit of Taekwondo; with courtesy for fellow students, loyalty for my instructor and respect for my juniors and seniors, sir/ma’am”

At the end of the event, the promise is targeted more for behavior outside of the do-jahng:
“Sir/Ma’am, I shall live with perseverance in the spirit of Taekwondo; having honor with others, integrity within myself and self control in my actions, sir/ma’am”