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Uniform (dobok)

Martial arts students take pride in their doboks. A well-cleaned and -displayed dobok can add an air of sophistication to one’s appearance. As such, one should take care of one’s dobok to present the best possible image in class, at tournaments, and other events at which you represent the school. Doboks should be hung up nicely on a hanger or folded when they’re not being used, even when they’re dirty.

Keep your dobok clean. As a color belt student who attends class twice a week, you will likely need your dobok for more than two years and even longer if your attendance is less frequent. Since doboks are mostly white, wash it in warm water. Hot water will cause colors to run or fade. Use low heat when drying your dobok, because in the dryer is where most of the shrinkage will occur. Heavier-weight doboks tend to hold their size, but too much improper washing and drying will cause discoloration, unusual wear, or faster deterioration of your dobok.

Other clothing

These other items are suggested to complement your dobok:

A plain, white short-sleeved T-shirt or tank top are recommended for women and girls. Men and boys are also allowed to wear a plain white T-shirt beneath their dobok. Pants are not allowed beneath the dobok pants. Along with the obvious distracting appearance issues, they can restrict a student’s movement so that he or she would not be able to fully participate in class. Along with the loose fit’s being unrestrictive for one’s working out, they also allow air to flow next to the body, keeping a student cool.

While bare feet are always acceptable at taekwondo events (and mandatory for class unless otherwise stated or approved by your instructor), one might wish to wear athletic shoes (“sneakers”) for comfort, especially on hard floors. The shoes (and socks) should be as plain and white as possible. Sandals, clogs, flats, moccasins, slippers, and similar footwear are not allowed, nor is anything with a raised heel. Also, many taekwondo events, such as tournaments, take place on gym floors, and one should not wear “street shoes” at these events. Shoes and socks should be taken off when one is participating in a class or competing in a tournament.

Jewelry should be removed before performing in a tournament or training in a class. Wedding rings are allowed in class as long as there are no stones.